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Would society benefit form the lowering of the legal drinking age? Fascinating facts about the world's drinking age.Pros and Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age - HRF
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ID Card

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If you need a picture ID but you do not want, or are not eligible for, a driver's license, you may obtain a Florida identification card. Federal law prohibits holding both a driver's license and an identification card.

The card will contain your color photograph, full name, sex, address, date of birth and other required information. The card is valid for the following time:

  • Ages 5 to 14 will be valid for four years
  • Ages 15 and up will be valid for eight years
  • Non-immigrant will expire based on the person's documentation

Sarasota County LocationsFake Id Maker Card Alabama issuing Florida identification cards.


  1. Age five or older (Exception: Any person, regardless of age, may be issued an identification card if applying for a disabled parking permit.)
  2. Proof of identification*
  3. Proof of Social Security number* (unless one has never been issued)
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  5. Two proofs of residential address*

*Be sure to review the document requirements to establish your proof of identity, proof of social security number and proof of residential address.

Identification Cards for Homeless Persons can be issued with a letter from a local homeless shelter verifying they are homeless. The Sarasota County Tax Collector provides this card at no cost, if the person meets the document requirements.

Identification Cards for Persons at or below 100% Poverty Level will be issued, by the Sarasota County Tax Collector at no cost, if the person meets the Make Scannable Oregon Id Buy Ids - Fake We Premium and one of the following:

  1. Tax Return from last year with gross income at or below Federal Poverty Level
    Household Size 100%   Household Size 100%
    1 $11,670   5 $27,910
    2 $15,730   6 $31,970
    3 $19,790   7 $36,030
    4 $23,850   8 $40,090
  2. Proof of enrollment in the Department of Children and Families Access Florida Benefits. Proof of enrollment includes Access Florida Benefits documentation or an Access Florida Benefits card.